What the?

IT IS SNOWING LIKE A BIG DOG HERE! SNOWING!!!! I did not get the memo that fall was over starting like immediately. It was 60* here three days ago. Geesh…. I LOVE IOWA. I am blog inspired tonight. I just got done editing Sharon’s shoot. She has a Cooper too. The difference between her Cooper and my Cooper is he’s about four years older and has much better listening skills… oh ya, and he’ll look at the camera willingly! The first shot cracks me up. You’ll need a little background to really appreciate it. You know how we live in Iowa, well deer season is a pretty big deal in Iowa. Sharon and her family drove an hour down from DesMoines for an early afternoon appointment and seems that her sweet husband Jeff went deer hunting that morning and caused a little marital stress for the day. Moral off the story… I kept telling them to hold hands, or kiss, or “act like you like each other” and all of those commands caused some sort of small hiney chewing or poke in the ribs from Sharon. Poor Jeff… I’m sure he was just trying to provide food for his family. Isn’t that why all deer hunters hunt? In this picture I just told them to kiss and Sharon is reminding Jeff that it’s only because I’m making her (she was really having to work hard at staying mad at him)… and the best part… check out Jeff’s smirk. Love it.


I love when kids come up with their own thing. Sometimes it stresses Mom’s out, but truthfully, it usually makes for some of the best photos. I told Cooper to come and stand at the end of the alley and this is what he did. perfect…


And finally my favorite from the day. Maybe my favorite family photo from all fall… I wish this was my family photo. I’d have about a four foot long canvas hanging on my wall.


Check back late tonight for my thankful list. Have a great Turkey Day!

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