Wendy Austyn

I feel like the music on my website is a big deal.  I want my website to paint a picture for first time visitors… I want prospective clients to have an idea of who I am and what I’m about when they leave my site.  I’ve been using the same opening song for a couple of years now.  When I first selected it, no one had ever heard of Ingrid Michaelson and I got TONS of emails asking about it.  Now “The Way I Am” is so maintream that it just didn’t fit anymore (not to mention it’s illegal for me to be using it… who’d a thunk it?)  When I updated my site in January I didn’t change the music because I just hadn’t found THE right song.

Well my friends… now I have!  I’d like you to meet Wendy Austyn.

Not only would I like you to meet her… I’d like you to head right on over to iTunes and buy her new album, Mr. Mystery!!!

Wendy has been kind enough to allow me to use one of her original songs on my site and I LOVE it!  If you do too, be sure to become her fan on her Facebook Fanpage. You can also check out some more of her music on her MySpace Page. Do me a favor and leave her some love so sharing her talent with little old me isn’t a complete waste!

To hear “Love Love Love” be sure to visit my webpage today!  Thank you Wendy!

Sidenote… not my photo.  I sticky fingered it from Wendy’s myspace page where the photo credit reads “Photos by Grace Galloway Photography”

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