Wednesday Sessions

Okay.  This is going to be super duper fast because it’s like 2:00 am and I am pooped.  Secretary’ed the first performance of my rodeo tonight… two more to go.  I’m staying at my since-before-kindergarten friend Mika’s (very pretty girl getting her neck kissed in the opening slide show of my "real" webpage).  Cooper and Louie are staying all night with Grandma and Grandpa Curry tonight and Otey is in Iowa slaving away at his grown up job.  I wasn’t even going to post tonight, but I promised some sneak peaks from the two photo shoots I had on Wednesday. 

This is Caroline.  Her Mom is a Sepia gal (although I must admit I did a copy of this shot in black&white for my webpage).  Talk about one happy baby.  She was such a good sport all morning.  She was getting double teamed by two baby crazy grandmas… this is one very blessed, very loved baby.


Wednesday night I shot the a huge family at St. Mary of the Woods College.  I had forgotten how pretty that place is.  Here is one of my favorites (so far) of the GIGANTIC group (click on it to see it bigger)…


More sneak peaks to come.  I have a just-about-ready-to-pop baby belly to shoot on Monday… yippee!!!

  • Denise Smith - Kathy,
    Thanks so much for taking the photos of the ‘Ruhe’ bunch. I know with so many people, it can be challenging. We really appreciate your time – and talent! I can’t wait to see all the photos!

  • Katie - Kathy-

    This picture is GREAT! If the rest of them are half as good as this one I will feel so blessed. Thank you for making my child look great!


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