We interrupt or regular programing…

…for a rodeo. Have you all noticed that when I work a rodeo I turn it to a cruddy blogger? We are still in Louisville at the Great Lake Circuit Finals. The rodeo is going great for me. It's by far the biggest rodeo I've ever been the secretary at and I was a little nervous before I got here. Thank goodness it's been a breeze… not to mention pretty fun. Otey's parents were supposed to come and help with our kiddos, but Otey's poor Mom got the flu so we had a last minute change of plans. We dropped Cooper off with my Mom, and we have just been winging it with Grady. Otey keeps him until right when the rodeo starts (my work starts about two hours before the rodeo) and then he brings him to me and I keep him in the office with me until after Otey rides, and then we just pass him back and forth from the bronc riding on. Have I told you lately how AWESOME my husband is? If he wasn't such a great Daddy, I would never be able to work like I do. There is one TINY little silver lining to all the chaos… WE SLEPT UNTIL 9:45 THIS MORNING!!! No little Cooper alarm to wake us up. I got more hours of sleep last night then I usually get in three nights added together. We have one more performance on Saturday night and then I head to Indiana for a photo shoot on Sunday (see you then Hunt family) and Otey is catching a ride back to Iowa.

I'm sorry to say I'm on Otey's laptop and I have no photo for this post.  Back to our regular programming on Monday.  Have a great weekend!

  • Trainwreck - Hello, I popped over from “Simply Undecided”
    You have some really great photographs. I love the one with the kiddos holding hands walking together! Oh I know what it is to follow the roping circuit! Do you take pictures at the rodeos as well? Great page!

  • aunt harriet/mom - How did Otey do? Hope you and kidders were able to sleep in this morning. Sure do miss your daily blogs when you are on the road!
    See you all Thanksgiving!
    hugs to all!

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