We – are – FAMILY…

Did you sing that? Have you not figured out to try and sing all of my blog titles? Anywho… this really doesn’t count as a sneak peak since they’ve already seen them, so we’ll just call it a “showing off my family post”. Andy is my only sibling and he’s eight years older then me (I was a pleasant surprise… no… not an accident… a pleasant surprise… right Mom?) so we never really fought that much. I just specialized in annoying him and he specialized in locking me out of his room. I can remember sitting in his door way and him telling me “don’t cross that line”. I wasn’t allowed to pass where the carpet changed from the hall carpet to his room carpet. I also remember counting the seconds until he would leave to go somewhere and I could sneak in his room and get in all of his stuff. He has always been a great big brother. Enough memory lane… on to the pictures… just look at my sweet little innocent nephews…


No seriously… I just can’t believe how big they are getting. Is seems just like yesterday I was a freshman in college in Tennessee when my Mom called and told me Theresa was in labor with Alex (the older one). I drove all the way home and waited all day. I had to head back really late so I’d make class the next morning and the little turd was born when I was two hours south of town. They are just growing up so fast…


Their personalities are so different. Alex is very organized. He likes his legos in place and for no one to touch them. He has always been a heavy thinker… even as a toddler. He knew everything there was to know about trains when he could barely talk.


Evan is a wild man. He laughs and runs around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. I have a sneaking suspicion that Cooper is going to follow in Evan’s footsteps.


My brother and his wife have a great story. They have been with each other, and only each other since they started high school. They didn’t get married until after college, but they have seriously been together over 20 years! Crazy!


This is my favorite family shot from the day. It’s already hanging 8×10 framed on my wall.


And what’s fall without a leaf shot? Evan was already in to throwing leaves at me… so we just channeled his energy a little more productively!


  • Heather - The black &white family pic brought tears to my eyes…seeing Andy and I all grown up w/ our families. Time sure has flown. So blessed we’re all so close!

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