WARNING or more of a suggestion?

“Do not take more then 10 tablets in 24 hours. Do not use the maximum dosage for more then two weeks.”

Do you think that is really a WARNING or more of a suggestion? Surely you can’t die from an overdose of Extra Strength Berry Fusion TUMS. For all of you who lived through my nine months straight of flaming heartburn with my first pregnancy… it has just started with baby “no name”. I know I can get through the 12 weeks I have left… I lived through 40 weeks of it with Cooper. I just haven’t had it since the day I gave birth and I forgot how awful it was. Good news is during that 40 weeks I actually developed a taste for Berry Fusion Tums… bad news is I am currently consuming about three times what the warning label says in a day. Cooper came out just fine and I ate enough Tums while I was growin’ him to tile a mosaic side walk from here to Disney World.

Did you know you can get HUGE bottles of Tums at Sams?

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