Waiting game

Otey and I both say that every time we leave Cooper for a couple of days it seems like he has grown three inches and added two more words to every sentence when we get back.  The other day I was thinking about how fast the past two and a half years have FLOWN by and it hit me that we are already half way to Kindergarten!   WHAT?!!   I know I've said this before, I don't want to slow time down… I just want to remember every single second. 
Cooper has been really in to swimming and playing in the water lately.  Just about everyday we spend a few hours outside splashing and sliding and then come inside for a warm bath and nap.  Bathing Cooper is one thing that has got pretty darn tricky for me in my rather large, rather round, current condition.  In the evenings Otey will give him a bath for me, but for the middle of the day scrubs, I have resorted to the kitchen sink so I can stand up.  We've never done baths in the sink (he has LOVED the bathtub since he was just a few months old) so he thinks it's pretty darn cool to take a bath in the kitchen.  Here's a shot from last week right after I let the water out that melts my heart.  When I look at it, I can smell that fresh baby bath smell.  Yum.


The waiting game has officially started.  I have no more rodeos, no more photo sessions… I'm just sitting in Ottumwa waiting to have this baby.  I have a Dr's appointment Tuesday morning.  Keep your fingers crossed that he'll say it's almost go-time.  I am very ready to bring this baby in to the world… even without a name!  By the way… thanks to all you loyal blog readers that keep sending me suggestions.  I have been running them all by Otey.  So far… we're still not sure.  Have a great Monday.

  • Reta - How about Zane Arthur McCloy? or I heard a new one the other day, Zaden, but I think they spelled it Xaden……

  • Kay - okay, just curious, are you going to run [or walk] to the computer and blog that you’re fixin’ to leave for the hospital to deliver? Or, are we to assume when you don’t blog for several days that “Ned Arthur”, I mean baby no name has arrived?

  • Heather Mears - Here’s another one…Porter

  • Emily - Cute, Cute, Cute!

  • Aimee - I had a dream last night that you had the baby! I don’t remember if you named the baby in my dream though, sorry! Anyway, can’t wait!

  • Alex - Enjoy this waiting time and nap with Cooper… I can’t wait to see the new bubs and I’m seriously going burst if his later than 14 days!

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