Friday – drove to Springfield, Missouri
Saturday – shot a wedding from 8:30am until 9:00pm
Sunday – slept half the day while Otey drove us home
Sunday night – my body is reminding me I’m 7 months pregnant.
Tomorrow morning – photo shoot with 3yr old.

Okay… that should answer the “where have you been?” and “why haven’t you blogged?” emails in my inbox. The next month or so is going to be CRAZY. I’m just trying to cram everything I can in before baby No Name arrives. The wedding I shot Saturday was beautiful. I wish I wasn’t so lazy… or I would waddle over and get my lap top out so I could post an image from the day. I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow because My waddler is waddled out. So, instead… a shot of Julie from last weekend’s session.


I could tell you I said something super witty to get her to laugh like that… truth is, there were some funny faces going on behind me. This next (and last) image from their session is one of my favorites. I snagged the idea from pinksugar blog. Anywho… I love it…


  • Dana Pugh - Okay–love pink sugar! Us Albertans are pretty darn smart, eh? Great shots!

  • kay - waaaaay cool! I love the last pic too.

  • Julie - Wow! That picture turned out awesome! You have so many neat ideas! Thanks again for doing such a great job! Your work is definately unforgetable!!

  • Alysen - I’ve never met or seen you before but have been following your blog now for a couple of months after (actually Julie-the one in the pic)she e-mailed me your site. I think you are so funny and take great pics and I HAD to tell you that this is my favorite by far. I love unique pictures and this is definitely one to frame!

  • stormi - Okay I absolutely LOVE that last picture! That is so cool. Can you do that with a horse running the barrels? That would be even more cool!

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