Now is the time for honesty. This is completely anonymous so you don’t have to worry about hurting feelings. What is your honest gut reaction to CANON? Pronounced like the weapon (or camera).

Just so you know… there are mixed reviews at our house on Canon. That’s why you are getting to vote!

Business Side Note… If you emailed me yesterday or today, it will be very late tonight before I can sit down and answer all of them. Thanks!


  • dad - snapshot, tellaphoto, tripod, wideangle

  • Kaylon Buckner - My son is named Kannon. We got the name from former St. Louis Cardinal Darryl Kile’s son. My husband is a huge Cardinal’s fan, so it is a tribute. Yes, it does get spelled wrong all the time and we do call him Kannon-ball. But I still think it is super cute.

  • Jeremi Jackson - Becca is right, Kathy. Lot’s of names are unisex these days. Or even, LALALALALA, 30 (gag) years ago. Look at my name. My sister in law has three daughters Ellison, Carson and Emerson….they all mean son of someone. I think that my kids have very distinct boy or girl names. Hopefully, no one would ever name their son Grace or their daughter Luke. If I heard the name Canon, I would think it was a boy. But I don’t think it is as boyish as Cooper.

    You’re probably really sorry you asked, right? Just remember…. YOUR KID!


  • Becca King - Hi Kathy. What about Carson? I know, since its my daughters name, that it can be unisex, but its easy to spell AND pronounce and it is USUALLY a boy’s name. Just thought I’d throw that out there. I’m pretty sure these days, people spell even common names crazy and I’m proof A LOT of names can be made unisex.

  • Kari - I gave you a rude comment and no suggestions. I thought of 3 last night. What about Cain, Cord or Cayden? Is Otey cracking up over all this or what?

  • aunt harriet/mom - ARE YOU HAVING A CHILD OR BIRTHING A NEW CAMERA!?!!??

    Honestly, the flow of the name is good, and we will all love him no matter what his name is! Afterall – I have a child named Stormi and one named Buss – who am I to judge a name!!!!

  • Jeremi Jackson - Okay…BUT what if you switch to Nikon?? Just kidding!! I’m on the fence. HOWEVER…..It’s YOUR kid! Name him what ever you want! 🙂

  • Dana Pugh - We know a Canyon and he is constantly called Can-Can…are you okay with that? I’m on the fence about it, but you hardly know me…so who cares what I think?!!! Ha!

  • Marilyn Knutson - All I can think of is kids shortening the name to “Can” and kick the can. Now if he is a 12 lb 2 oz at birth ,maybe it would be o.k.

  • Kari - I’m just being honest here. I hate it. Maybe it’s because I’ve never heard of anyone with that name b-4 and it hasn’t grown on me yet. I just think Canon-Ball. I can hear all of the kids yelling it at recess now.

  • Kelli - Scott Fletcher (bronc rider from Louisana) his son is named Canon. I like it. But your blog stalkers have made some good points on spelling and stuff, maybe we should talk to Scott and see if they have had problems. The kid is at least 10 or 12 now so plenty of time has passed to see if spelling and pronunciation are issues.

  • Terri - But it doesn’t fit your criteria. He’d be forever re-spelling his name. Cannon vs. Canon…the poor kid. And then being named after a camera! Sorry about that. What about Clay, or Crew, or Cameron, or Cuthbert?

  • brandy - how do you pronounce it?
    K-nun or can-in

  • Sharon Turner - Love the name–however, wonder if the little guy will always be asked “One N or 2?” CANON, CANNON — and can it be mixed up with Canyon? But again, I love the name!

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