Viciously Attacked

We are currently in Ashland, Missouri for the night.  Tomorrow is Otey’s Grandpa’s 80th birthday.  He doesn’t know it yet… but all of his grandkids and great grandkids are coming in to surprise him tomorrow for an all day gathering.  We are leaving our camper here (Grandpa’s house is about two and a half hours away) and going down there to party hard all day tomorrow.  I am working the Ashland rodeo Friday and Saturday, and Otey is entered here on Saturday.  Yes… you read that right… Otey is going to get on his first bronc in almost three years on Saturday night.  If you missed my blog entry bragging on Otey’s bronc riding skilllzzz… check it out HERE.

Cooper is running a pretty high temperature tonight.  He got his 18 month shots yesterday afternoon and has been in a little bit of a funk all day.  Man, he was a trooper.  That mean old nurse stuck him three times and he dried it up the second she was done.  The week before I have to take him in for shots is way harder on me then the actual shots are on Cooper.  Thank goodness, we’re done with shots until he’s four.  Here is the big guy the day before the shots went down… look at that innocent smile… he had no idea that the very next day he was going to be viciously stabbed by a cute little blond wearing puppy dog scrubs.


  • Stormi - You know I love reading your blogs. I am sure when Cooper gets older those blondes won’t be wanting to stick him with a needle. You’ll be fighting them off with a baseball bat!!

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