VEGAS – Day 4

I was too pooped to post last night.  That kind of has a ring to it… too pooped to post… anyway, I had meetings yesterday morning and then we had an official gathering to go to last night.  Cooper has been spending a couple of hours a day with his Aunt Brandy and Uncle Ben (and cousin Cole who is due in January).  They are out here on vacation and have been nice enough to keep Cooper a couple of hours the past few mornings when Otey and I both had meetings. 

Here is a fun pic of Cooper in the hallway of our hotel today…


There is one wing of regular rooms on the 21st floor, and two wings of suites so there isn’t much traffic in the hallway.  I took Cooper out today and we raced up and down the hall and checked out the fun flowered carpet.  He has been having a big time.  At lunch time today Cooper’s friend Dally came and hung out in our room for awhile.  Dally is Otey’s bosses little girl (the Orman’s).  I hope these pictures don’t cause any issues with Cooper’s other marriage prospects that I already have picked out (Rylee and Brooklyn).

Here is Dally moving in for the kill… notice the look of confusion on Cooper…


Contact!!! Cooper’s first kiss…


Post kiss… notice the big grin on Cooper’s face!


I guess what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

  • Stormi - OH MY GOSH!! that is way TOOOO cute. This is just want I want to see first thing in the morning. The complete innocence of children! Aren’t you glad you have a camera attached to your hand? Is he walking very far yet?

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