VEGAS – Day 2

We have made it through Day 2 of Vegas.  Sweet little Cooper went to bed on Vegas time Sunday night, and decided to get up on Iowa time Monday morning.  For those of you who don’t travel much, that means he got up at 4am Vegas time!!!  Otey, Cooper, and I were all at breakfast by 5:45am.  Cooper was down for his first nap at 7:45!  It usually only takes him a day or two to get adjusted to a new time zone but until he does it’s rough on Otey and I. Cooper just naps more during the day and is still happy as a lark.  Here is the view from our room on the 21st floor…


After Cooper got up from his nap I shot the Dodge Rodeo Employ picture.  The two back rows are field reps that do the same job that Otey did when we were on the road all of the time (before we agreed to move to Iowa).  The front row includes the owners, and the office personal.


Otey had meetings all morning and Cooper and I did some grocery shopping.  This evening Cooper’s friend Barb (the lady beside Otey in the group picture… Coop LOVES her) was nice enough to keep him for a couple of hours while we went with the Ormans to a reception.  Otey’s brother Ben and his VERY pregnant wife Brandy fly in tonight.  They are going to keep Cooper for a couple of hours first thing in the morning because Otey will be working and I have a meeting to go to.  When I type all of this stuff our life seems so busy and crazy, but living it feels normal.  I guess everyone feels like that… normal is just what you’re used to.  Talk to you tomorrow if I survive Day 3!

  • Stormi - I am jealous!! Tickets are awfully high so it isn’t looking good for me to get out there ;-( Enjoy yourself and think of me sitting back here in the rain, freezing rain, snow and 30 degree weather!

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