I am up.

It’s 11:15 and I am up with nothing else to do but blog.  Why am I up… is that what you were wondering?  No… you weren’t wondering?  Too bad… I’m about to tell you anyway.


I lovvvveee this baby.  I love that I get to be his mama.  But OH MY GOSH I am miserable.  I’ve felt like I was in labor for the past few days and tonight I started having pretty regular contractions.  I did what any woman about to have her third baby would do when contractions started… I finished watching The Singing Bee, I took a shower, I fixed my hair, I applied a little makeup, and I began to mentally prepare to push a human being from my loins.  Problem is… after all that… the contractions have mellowed out and now I’m sitting in front of my iMac while the rest of the house sleeps.  But man-oh-man does my hair look good.

I have a regular doctor’s appointment at 8:30 tomorrow morning so my plan is to handcuff myself to the stirrup and cry uncontrollably until my doctor agrees to evict Nash ASAP.  As of right now, the tentative plan is the 25th…


I don’t think so.

If something doesn’t give soon, I’m getting ready to try every old-wives story there is to start labor.

Okay.  I’m done complaining about the woes of being nine months pregnant.  I shall not complain not one more (I’m talking about on the blog Otey… don’t get excited) word until Nash arrives.  Speaking of little sweet perfect baby Nash, he still has no middle name.  Feel free to chime in with any suggestions you might have.  I’m pretty sure it has to be two syllables or more (Nash Bob or Nash John just doesn’t work).  We also want it to be a fairly traditional, or a common name.  I think two “cool” or “trendy” names is too much for a McCloy kid.

If you need a little baby visual inspiration.  Here’s a shot of Rusty and Lisa’s sweet baby Veda from the summer.


Now if those perfect little baby toes and pouty lips don’t make being “up” seem worth while… nothing could.

I’m off to eat some salsa and do some deep pelvic squats…  keep your fingers crossed my friends.

  • Charlotte McDonald - Hi Kathy,

    I hope you have gotten some sleep. I am a friend of Kay McGee’s and reached your blog from her site. I love the name Nash and saw you were needing a middle name. You asked for suggestions and I thought about the name Thomas. Good luck wtih the new baby.

    Charlotte McDonald

  • Collyn Ware - How about Nash Carson Mccloy. I thought of that with all of the brain power that I have left today. 97 students in one studyhall will about kill a person, literally and figuratively.

  • BreeAnna - HMMM…middle name….

    William, Riley, Stephen, Jonathan, Daniel, Timothy, Everett, Gregory, Thomas, Andrew, Taylor, Logan, Landon, Curry(keeping the name around) and my favorite… Nash Tyler McCloy

  • HollyLane - I think his middle name should be ville! ps i love the name Nash, I bet all your prego friends are irritate they didn’t think of Nash first!

  • marilyn knutson - Nash Andrew ,Nash Hunter, Nash Jacob, Nash Thomas, I could go on and on. Heard about every combination being a Nursey nurse for over 25 years.

  • Georgia McCloy - hope he comes soon so you don’t have to be miserable anymore can’t wait to meet him love you

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