Turkey Day

Not your normal turkey day around here. Otey was the only family member that got out of their jammies today. My super sweet husband went and got us "take out" Thanksgiving dinner. Can you even use the words "take out" and "Thanksgiving dinner" in the same sentence? Anyway, it was YUMMY. Otey and the boys took a little nap to sleep off their turkey drunk, and I got a TON of work done. I REALLY missed being with my family in Indiana today, but this was by far the most relaxing holiday we've had in six years of marriage. NO DRIVING.

Otey is headed out at 5:00am. I wish it was to do some Black Friday bargain shopping so we could mark some junk off out lists, but it's not. He's off to Vegas for two weeks. This is the first year I won't be with him the entire time. I decided six days was going to be plenty for me. Truthfully, if I didn't have some meetings and a photo shoot scheduled, I would probably ditch the entire trip this year. For some reason I'm just not feeling it like I usually do.

Remember that beautiful freckled face little girl from a few posts back? Here's a few more from their session in Livingston, Alabama.


Brother… who was wearing camo mud boots.  Love it. 


out of town cousin…


Hope was kind enough to share her session with her niece, and her in-laws.  Talk about I'm third!


My favorite family shot… if you met Hope's husband, you would understand why it's my favorite.  He wanted to act like he hated getting his photo taken, but by the end I had him warmed up!


Gma & Gpa with their grandkids.


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