I could sit here and type for an hour about all of today’s fun activities… but I have WAY to many sessions to edit for that. So here is the cliff notes version…

Got up.
Busted lip open, inside and out.
Bled… A LOT.
Took a bath.
Took a nap.
Played outside for hours and hours.
Carved a pumpkin.
Went out for Mexican.
Went Trick-or-Treating.
Went to bed.

Now, to document it in photos. Here are a few from the hours of playing outside. I sure love my happy kid.




We made the trip up our old street and back down the other side in the wagon. Cooper got WAY more candy then we need to eat, did I say we… I meant he. Excuse the poor picture quality. These are shot in the pitch black with a blinding flash and I’m way too lazy to try and do anything with them. So here they are… straight out of the camera.

Cooper working his magic…


A nice red eye shot of Mama + Monkey


And my favorite… Cooper at the end of the outing, surrounded by his loot, and giving me the “I’m taking this dumb monkey hat off” look. He wouldn’t leave his candy in the basket. He had to spread it all over the wagon so he could really get a good look at it. That’s my boy.


Yep. That is a Longaberger Easter basket… what’s your point?

  • Kelli - I love the second photo of Cooper. So far it is my favorite photo you have posted of him. I love reading your blog it totally makes me laugh – Great Job!

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