Tribute to Monkey-Monk


This is Monkey-Monk.  He was the first stuffed animal that I bought Cooper.  We got him in Effingham, Illinois on Cooper’s first road trip when he was three weeks old.  Monkey-Monk is a pretty special stuffed animal.  Cooper sleeps with him and he rides in the carseat with him everywhere we go.  When I get Cooper out of his crib in the morning (or after his naps) we put Monkey-Monk back in bed and give him Cooper’s binky so he can sleep.  Cooper has been doing really good with only having his monkey and binky in his bed or carseat until he was so sick last week.  For about four days straight, he would just lay on who ever was holding him and hug his monkey and suck on his binky.  I am currently working on getting back into our routine of all Monkeys living in the bed and keeping guard over the binky during daylight playing hours.  He’s doing good with out the binky, but this morning he went to his crib and shook the bars and begged for his monkey.  I gave in… and here’s the results…


That pic is a little out of focus, but I had to post it.  You can just tell by those eyes how much he loves that monkey.  He drug him all over the house this morning.  They even had a make out session while riding double on the zebra…


Monkey-Monk had his first bath (after the little pooping incident… scroll back through my posts for dirty details) last week.  He made it through with flying colors and is once again fluffy and smelling fresh and clean.  Notice Monkey-Monk’s little fat roll he has in the pictures… it’s perfect for Cooper’s little hand.  I wish I had a good shot of Monkey’s tail.  It’s Cooper’s favorite pass-time… twirling it around his finger and chewing on it.  Pretty darn cute.

  • Heather - Kathy, those eyes actually say “I got my way, I know how to work my mommy!!!” ha ha He is so cute. I miss you all so much.

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