The Shannon Family

The Shannon family from Marshall, Missouri booked a session many months ago and it seemed as though it would never arrive.  We got together a few weeks ago for a hodge podge session of multiple clothing changes, and many locations.  We actually shot two sessions which were made up of four sessions… is that confusing you?  A family session/mini senior style shoot for Penny, and a engagement/5yr old birthday shoot for Aimee.  All in all… two galleries consisting of 63 photos!  Now… which one to use on the Christmas Card?


Photogenic Jordan…



How stinkin' cute are these dimples?



Wardrobe change for some fun engagement photos.  Aimee and Joe are getting married in the spring but unfortunately I already had their weekend booked…. bummer.



Penny & Steve…



We head out for Louisville, Kentucky for the Great Lakes Circuit Finals Rodeo on Wednesday.  I FINALLY was chosen to secretary it, and Otey qualified in the bronc riding so it's going to be a family affair.  Otey's parents are coming over to help us with the boys.  Completely off subject… like that's anything new… has anyone seen the new Madagascar yet?  Is it as good as the original?  Cooper LOVES the first one.  He walks around singing "I like to move it, move it… I like to move it, move it"  all of the time.  I think I'll try to squeeze it in this weekend in between rodeo performances and editing sessions.  One more off the subject thing… do you realize there are only 44 more days until Christmas?  COME ON VACATION!


  • Penny Shannon - If anyone reads these comments, I want them to know what a extraordinary patient understanding and great person Kathy is. She actually had 38 photos in a gallery out of a billizion when we got greedy and asked for more. She then added 25 more photos, separted them into 2 galleries, and put up with my endless emails of absolute madness. She also got Steve and Aaron to crack smiles. Thanks so much!!!

  • Amber - We had a girl’s movie night on Saturday and LOVED Madagascar 2. Emma sang a littl too loud “I like to move it move it” and embarrased Halle – two thumbs way up.

  • amy Stamm - hey Kathy!
    Seen you will be in Louisville KY – I am only 1 hour away!! Wish Iwould of known that earlier-would of loved loved loved to do a booking!!! HAVE FUN!!

  • Jeremi Jackson - And, I forgot! LOVE this session. It’s fun seeing how people have changed since high school (well, Aaron anyway 🙂 I think I’m too old to have been in school with the girls) And I’m not sure Joe could drive the last time I saw him!

  • Jeremi Jackson - Luke watched it this weekend and said it was really funny! I’ll probably take the girls soon 🙂

  • Micah Sauter - My 4 year old walks around singing those words too. We saw it sunday on the IMAX screen. It has more adult humor in it than the 1st one. Jeremiah didn’t like it as well. He belly laughs every time we watch the 1st one but didn’t laugh much during the 2nd. He did sit and watch the whole thing but he wanted to leave a few times

  • Kari - I dropped my kids off on Sunday and they loved it. I like to move it move it must still be in the new one because Taylor got in the van singing it, very, very loud and the whole way home:)

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