The Middle Child

I knew we'd be traveling all day today and I'm trying to get back on the daily posting wagon, so this post is coming to you while I'm on the road. Auto post… got to love it.

Most of you know I'm ready to have another baby already. The prospect of three children has led me to quiz every three kid family I shoot about the dreaded "middle child syndrome". From my informal poles, I have came to the conclusion that this so called "syndrome" seems to effect girls worse then boys. Do you agree? Otey is a middle child and I think he turned out pretty great. Anyway, this is Karson.  She is the perfectly sweet funny kid that just so happens to be the middle child in her family.


Big sis…


Little sis…


Such a fun family.




Thanks for the 3 child insight.  If my kids turn out as good as your girls, I think three is the way to go!

  • codymc - With boys it’s probably worse for the youngest — 2 older brother’s to pick on them.

    Soooo — I need pictures of my nephews in their Halloween outfits!! (you can see mine on my flickr 🙂 )

  • Mary Kay - The obvious solution is to have four kids, then your middle child will have a companion middle.

  • Betsy Hunt - Kathy, I’m the middle child. I have no complaints. I’m equally close to my older sister and younger brother. I actually feel like I got the best deal. Now get pregnant again.

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