The King! The King!


When did my kid get so big? He went from a little baby to a little boy in like 2.2 seconds. I’m not going to get all sappy on you but we have had a big change in our family… Cooper…. *sniff-sniff*…. is sleeping in his very own “big boy” bed. Yep. You read that right. The days of the crib (and crib tent) are long gone.


Okay… so it’s not EXACTLY a “big boy” bed. More like a “little boy” bed… but it has no walls and no lid. That’s a pretty darn big step for my little monkey. He calls it his “King Bed” because there is a blue race car in the movie CARS (that I have watched 900 times in the past month) who’s name in “The King”. He has done so great in the transition. Otey had the crib down and the bed set up when we got home from this last long road trip and Cooper was so excited when he saw it that he jumped up and down on it and screamed “The King! The King!”
I must give a MEGA THANKS to my sister-in-law, Theresa who was nice enough to pass the race car bed on to her favorite nephew. My two nephews (Alex & Evan) both slept in this bed and it’s still like brand new. I guess that means it’s tough enough that Baby No-Name will be sleeping in it in a couple of years. No more bottles… no more binky… no more crib… when do I get to experience no more diapers?

PS… Julie you are REALLY REALLY REALLY OLD. BFF Julie turned 30 today. Go to her BLOG and wish her some B-day Love!

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