Thank you Collyn.

Okay… I’m getting all weird about getting ready to be UN-pregnant.  Don’t get me wrong, I hope I go into labor thirty minutes after my Mom arrives in town Friday morning (she’ll be manning the other two monsters at our house while I go push out monster number three… I mean NASH MCCLOY).  So in a bit of a worrisome panic the other night I emailed photographer Collyn Ware and asked her to meet me out in the FROZEN TUNDRA that we live in (Iowa) and capture just a handful of images for me just in case I’m never pregnant again.  I am not one of those warm and fuzzy people that lovvvvveee being pregnant.  I love the thought of my body growing a human being, but all the stuff that comes with it?


But for some reason with this pregnancy I felt like I needed to make sure I had a couple of images to document just how GIGANTIC I get when I am pregnant.

When I emailed Collyn I made her swear she would delete them off her hard drive and never use them on her website or in her portfolio.  I love taking photos of pregnant women, and I really do think pregnant women are smokin’ hot… just no this pregnant woman.  The thought of subjecting perfect strangers to my strech marks and pastey white belly makes me gag. Again…


So anyway… Collyn agreed and we got together for the worlds fastest and coldest photo shoot (I seriously only cared about having a couple of images).  We waded through snow drifts knee deep (did I mention it’s cold in Iowa?) talked a tiny bit of camera geek talk and said our goodbyes.

Today Collyn emailed me her favorites, and  you know what?  I am really glad that I (more importantly SHE) braved the cold to get a couple of images.  Although I look at them now and have a hard time feeling all warm and fuzzy while being attacked by baby Nash and trying not to pee my pants while he does backflips on my bladder… I know in just a couple of short weeks when he’s laying on my lap in front of the computer…

…they will mean the world to me.


Thanks Collyn.

  • Angie - Love, this photo! You are such a wonderful person and a beautiful mama!

  • Georgia McCloy - Love the picture you really look happy!!

  • Emily - Beautiful….I mean “smokin’ hot”!

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