The ad would read something like this….

Mid 30’s SWF seeking SWM.  Never been married, multiple four legged kids, love horses, and willing to relocate.  That’s my cousin Stormi in a nut shell… so… all you loyal blog stalkers out there… got any blind date prospects?  You can check out her blog HERE.  There you go Stormi… you’re always telling me to find you a good man… this is my best effort!  Please also note that she looked that good at the barn after cleaning up two horses!  Not to mention she didn’t even know she was going to have her photograph taken.  Pretty darn impressive.

  • Heather - Love the picture – I want one! It captures Stormi! He’s out there Stormi – and he’s wondering what in the heck’s taking you so long to find him!!! :o)

  • Elizabeth McCloy - Now, that’s a cool way to advertise for a fella and let me know if it works will ya. My grandson is a bullfighter and he’s only 22 so a little young for you but I’m going to send him this site so if he see’s you guys on the Rodeo circuit, he can say “Howdy” from TX. Good luck with that search. You do really good work by the way with your pictures.
    Best Wishes, Betty McCloy

  • Stormi - You did good! I like that picture. Of course the real star is the brown pooch sitting next to me. She looks like she was trying to cooperate!

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