Sweet Home Alabama

Did you sing that? If not.. start over.  The traveling munchkin-mobile is now located in Troy, Alabama (a couple of hours from Panama City, FL).  I have a rodeo that starts on Thursday, and it was silly to rive all the back to Iowa, and then all the way back down here… so we are going to be Alabama residents for a few extra days.  This past weekend I had three fun sessions (and a rodeo) so this week I have LOTS of paperwork and editing to keep me busy!  Thank the Lord SUPER Grandma is still with us!

I just told my Mom I needed to sit down and REALLY blog.  You've just got cruddy little three liners here lately.  So… how about a two-for-one.

Michelle & family – Wyaconda, MO







You know how I LOVE a good funny face shot… this is my new FAVORITE!


The (soon to be) Huggins family – Bloomfield, IA.  We got together to shoot just a couple of family shots for the wedding, and we ended up shooting nearly a full session.







  • Heather Mears - I love, love, love Michelle’s pictures! I also love the black and white pics of all the cute couples. I want a lovey picture in black and white of me and my hubby!

  • Penny Shannon - Ditto with Aimee’s comment…I’m checking every hour on the hour for a new update on the blog and of course sneak pics!!

  • Aimee - I’m so excited that you’re back, I’ve been going through withdrawal (however you spell that word!)!

  • Mary Kay - Welcome back! I’ve missed you. I know you’ve been busy and have had technological issues, but really, don’t you know your readers depend on you for their daily entertainment? It was good to see pics of Cooper a couple posts back. I’ve missed him, too. And speaking of Cooper, when he and Grady are school-aged, are you going to home school them to keep your nomadic lifestyle?

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