I LOVE the name Suzy.  How cute is that name?  About half way through Clayton and Suzy's engagement session I blurted out… "I love the name Suzy… I just like saying it… Suzy! Suzy! Suzy!"  I know… I'm a dork.  Funny how I insist on constantly reminding you all of that at least every other blog post.  Speaking of blog posts… this post is a milestone.  This is my

500th Blog Post!

Can you believe that I have sat in front of my computer and came up with random blabber 500 times?  Worse yet… can you believe that you have came back who knows how many times to read my random blabber?  Back to Susie and Clayton… such a fun session.  We shot in the most amazing park in St. Louis.  I think I could shoot there for a year straight and never get bored (and I get bored EASY).  We shot outside of the Zoo, outside of the Science Museum, on a Fountain, beside a dumpster, at an employ's entrance, and on top of a picnic table.  Always an adventure when you hire me!  Thanks Suzy and Clayton for a fun day… and for digging each other so much that you made my job easy.  On to the photos…










  • Kim - Unbelievable Kathy-these are flippin awesome!

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