Super Mommy

That’s what Cooper has been calling me the past few days.  No… I haven’t been wearing a cape, and no… it is in no way a representation of my parenting skills… and yes… I love it.  I have a daycare that I can take him to when I have a shoot (or need a half day to work without having to fetch raisins, and move the couch to retrieve toys).  It’s in a ladies house and Cooper LOVES going there.  Robin (the daycare provider) calls Cooper “Super Duper Mini Cooper” and somehow that has translated in to me being “Super Mommy”.  Did I mention that I am diggin’ my new nickname?  Today he also added “Super Grady” and “Super Louie”.  Gosh he makes me laugh.  Tonight Otey and Cooper spent some time in the front yard picking up about 12 million walnuts.  I love his new winter hat and I had to shoot some photos of him in all his little yumminess.  By the way… winter has arrived in Iowa.  40-something when I got up this morning.  YUCK.





I am totally in love with that little face.  I am all mushy about my kids lately.   Have I mentioned that I want another baby?  What’s the odds of God giving us another REAL LIFE MIRACLE?  Otey… he’s not sold yet.  He says… and I quote “We’ll have that discussion in a year”.

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