Sucky Sister

I am the WORLD’S WORST SISTER.  I completely airheaded my brother’s Birthday!  Since he is sooooooooo old, I’m sure he has already forgot that I didn’t call or send a card, but I thought I should make a public apology anyway.  I wish I had a really embarrassing photo to post with this, but I just don’t have any really goofy ones.  Here is one from Florida in December…


We look just alike… huh?  Maybe it’s the big black thing!  He hates having his photo taken, I’m sure that was just a defensive move since he is only using one hand! Andy is 8 years older then me (you do the math… that equals REALLY old) and has been a grown up nearly my entire life, or at least what I can remember of my entire life.  Having such a big age difference was really a blessing and a curse.  I know I must have drove him nuts when we were kids, but we also never fought because an 18 year old and 10 year old have nothing to fight about I guess.  Now that we’re both adults, 8 years doesn’t seem like much.  Funny how that changes.  I love you big brother… sorry about your Birthday.  I’d like to play the blonde card please 🙂

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