Straight from my death bed

Cooper is in bed, and I was headed to bed myself when I had a horrible wave of guilt come over me. See… I had my first photo session of the spring on Wednesday and I know that Aimee is religiously checking the blog to see if a sneak peek pops up. I have had this session with Aimee and her family booked for months for this coming weekend. After we checked the weather and saw that is was going to be 30* warmer on Wednesday we decided to move the shoot up a few days so we could take advantage of a spring like day. We did fight the wind a wee bit, but I’ll take 70* and wind over 40* any day of the week! So, Aimee… straight from my death bed… this is for you.


Side note… Don’t feel too sorry for me… I am pretty sure I’m not going to die now. I might even be good enough tomorrow to perform some Mom like duties! Poor Cooper… thank-goodness he’s tough.

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