Stay Tuned…

I worked at the new house for eight hours yesterday, and at least that long today.  I am SO SICK OF PAINTING.  It probably wouldn’t be that bad if I hadn’t just painted our current house.  I did do something today that I have never done before.  I painted a wall white.  I have painted a zillion walls and never once have I painted one white.  You’ll never guess what color our bedroom is… Sherman Williams Relaxed Khaki.  The same color it’s been in every house we’ve lived in since we’ve been married.  Cooper’s room is so fun.  As soon as the carpet and the furniture are in, I’ll post pics. 

Big changes are coming to my blog.  What stared out as a simple thing to keep my family posted on my kid is now playing double duty as a business tool.  My posts aren’t going to change.  Lots of blabber about our daily life and lots of new SUPERSIZED photos.  I’m working on a new logo and some other branding for kathymccloy photography.  I’m going to try running a contest also, if it goes over well, it will turn into a regular thing.  All kinds of fun… stay tuned.

  • Heather - Hey, are the contests going to have the “cannot be related” clause in them? :o)

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