Stale Post

This is an auto-post… a timed post… a pre-thought-up-two-days-ago post. But it is a post. I decided instead of missing a day when I know I’m going to be away from my computers, I would set a post to show up today and give you some two day old stale love.

1. Did you know on the show M*A*S*H Radar’s character was from Ottumwa, Iowa? I just learned that the other day. My dad has the box set, maybe I should double check.

2. Oddly, I’m getting nervous about our family pictures in a couple of weeks. I am having Cooper’s hair cut super short today so maybe he won’t look like a hippy by the time we have them taken. Now… my roots… not sure what I’m going to do about those.

3. It is such a weight off my shoulders to have all the holiday orders distributed and no rodeos to secretary for a while. All I have to worry about the next three weeks is being Otey’s wife, Cooper’s Mom, and Oh ya… shooting pictures for Dodge in Vegas. That won’t be too big of a deal. They’re a little easier then families. I don’t have to sing and act like a dancing idiot to get trucks to look at me!

4. Otey is currently over half way to Vegas. He drove out with our friend Todd so he could stop and see his Grandma in Amarillo, Texas. We don’t make it out to see her often enough. We all decided that it was too far of a very fast trip for Cooper to drive. They do it in two days and it’s hard on an adult, let alone a munchkin who is strapped in a carseat. So me, G-ma Curry, and the Coopster are flying out on Sunday. If I was guessing, the people in the rows around us on the plane will wish we’d have drove.

5. I almost always take a funny face picture or two of kids at every shoot. It seems like if you let them do what they think is fun, they cooperate on the other shots a whole lot better. So… for all you parents out there… a few shots of your little sweeties. I must say, I think little Mr. McGraw in the pink shirt wins the creativity award. I’m sure his parents will be so proud!


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