I guess this picture says it all!  Here’s a bunch of shots of our new place.


This is the backyard.  That’s the big garage/pole-barn on the right, and the house on the left.


Here’s another shot of the back of the house.  There’s a fun fire pit in the middle of the patio.  It has rocks all around it and Coop thinks it’s pretty fun to toss them in the pit.  That door leads in to the laundry room.  The double windows are the end of the living room, and the three across the back of the house are bedrooms.


After I shot the above picture, I turned a quarter turn to my right, and shot the picture below.  The gravel you are seeing in the above picture, is the driveway I’m standing on in the next picture.  There are two drives.  One above the house to the garage, and one below the house to the barn.  All the land you can see is ours.  There is another pasture on the left side of that tree line, and it goes back over the hill in the background.  For all you city-folk, the building below is the barn.



Doesn’t my husband looked thrilled?  He said… "why are we taking this picture?" here was my response… "because you have a sucky wife, just come here and stand by the sign."  Cooper definitely inherited his camera shyness from his father.  He complains sometimes just to get me riled up, but he’s usually a pretty good sport.  Just a side note, as you can tell from the above picture, it was cold in Iowa today.


Not a very technically correct photo… but how cute is my kid playing peek-a-boo around the corner of his new garage?

  • aunt harriet/mom - HEY! where are you? aren’t you the girl that posts every day????

  • aunt harriet/mom - don’t know if you realize it….the house looks a lot like the one your dad and grampa built in bartley before you were born.
    Congrats on your new house – does it have a pink kitchen too? Would not want you to become homesick…we all know how you love that pink!

  • Kelli - Wow – The place looks great! Congratulations.

  • Marcie Lindsey - Congratulations Kathy & Otey! It looks perfect for you both and Cooper. I’m miss seeing you and I enjoy reading all your updates! Coop is such a cutie! I keep checking the calendar and would love to hook up with you somewhere in your crazy travels! Take care and tell Otey I said hello.

  • cody - omg Kathy — that place looks amazing! Congrats again!

  • laurie - Cute pics! Congratulations!

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