So I lied…

This post isn't about Monkey-Monk turning three. Grady had a doctors appointment today and so Cooper spent the afternoon with the babysitter… and so did Monkey-Monk.  So, 3yr old birthday photos of the primate in question will have to happen tomorrow.
Back to little G-funk-a-dilly's appointment… THREE shots.  Yep.  My sweet little baby had to endure three stabs with a needle the size of a baseball bat.  Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating about the size of the needle, but dang… the poor little guy just looked at me like "What the heck, Mom?  I thought you were on MY team?"  I'm glad to report the little squirt is right on track.  27 inches and 16lbs (that translates to long and skinny to all my non-munchkin havin' readers).  I'm so thankful that Otey's genes seem to be prevailing in the "hiney" department.  I've made two SKINNY kids… who would have ever dreamed it?  People comment all of the time on Grady's size "Man, he's little, huh?".  Well, today he was officially labeled as 60% in height, and 25% in weight on that little line graph the doctor uses.  You know the one… it gives me scary flashbacks of pre-algebra in the 8th grade.  And in the 9th grade.  So math wasn't my strong subject.  Anyway, the Dr. says that's great because the weight percentages are compared to American babies only and being perfectly average in a country of chubby people isn't necessarily the best thing to be.  So for once in my life, I'm glad that my child is below average.  Man, that was hard to type.  Below average?  How about just perfect.

Now prepare yourself for some cuteness…

A level of cuteness that this blog has never experienced…

Cuteness in such abundance that it should be bottled and sold at auction…


Can you stand it?  Are you dying of cuteness overload?  This was just before we left for his assault with the baseball bat at the Dr's office.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again… I COULD EAT HIM WITH A SPOON.

  • Kim - you could NEVER EVER overload us with that kind of cuteness…man oh man,,,,,you two make such beautiful beautiful babies.

  • Heather Mears - Ummmm, you might want to be careful…if the wrong person looked at this and wasn’t prepared for the massive amounts of adorable, it could cause serious health issues. For example, grabbing at their chest while yelling “Oh my gosh, how cute!” and then having a heart attack. Or maybe smiling so largely that their jaws become dislocated. Or maybe, just maybe,it could cause a person to want to get pregnant to try to reproduce something as cute.
    Really…do try to be more careful when posting certain photos…like I said before- think of the health of others!

  • stormi - wonderfully cute kids Kathy. Can I please get one picture? I have been trying so hard not to bother you but I have never been good at patients. Unless that is I look absolutely AWFUL in them then I can wait a little longer

  • amy stamm - PRECIOUS!! you are soooo good!! Wish I was 1/2 as good!! 🙂

  • Emily - Oh my goodness, sweet does not begin to describe Grady! Can I have him???

  • Betsy Hunt - This child is ridiculously cute, and he is also so well-behaved. If I didn’t know that you are 1/2 responsible for this face, I might ask to “borrow” your husband. giggle giggle

  • Alex - Yes. He has to be one of the cutest babies I’ve seen! So adorable.

  • whitney - Grady is so handsome! I love it!

  • Erica - OH-MY-GOODNESS! He’s stinkin’ adorable! I love those bright eyes and the way he’s holding his mouth…I wish your hair grew faster so we could meet you guys again next weekend!

  • kari - Wow! How CUTE.

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