Sneaky Squinter

Sorry for my lazy no posting Monday.  I ALWAYS post on Monday because it's my biggest day of the week for blog hits.  You all have better things to do then check up on me on the weekends, so Monday is always a big day when everyone returns to the office.  I have been frantically answering emails, putting together orders, and finishing up my rodeo from this weekend all day.  I did take a break this afternoon to take Cooper to the Doctor.  Yep… it was time for our monthly visit.  I make jokes about it, but it does seem like we are there about once a month.  This trip was extra fun because my child was covered from head to toe in mystery pink spots.  Some HUGE, some small… some bumpy, some smooth… you get the point.  Final verdict, a BAD case of the chigger bites and a mild case of poison ivy all at once!  You would think he'd be itching like crazy, but really he hasn't been bad at all.  Five days of oral steroids for the itching and we're supposed to be good as new!  Thank you Lord it wasn't the Chicken Pox.

The Mosers.  I finished up their gallery and talk about a good looking family.  Here are a few more of my favorites…





0472e     0843e

And the best for last… I have to give you a little explanation on this one.  Dad… well… he's a squinter.  I'm married to a squinter… so I can see one from a mile away.  Even in the shade, the lying in the grass looking up at the camera shot it pure torture.  Everyone covers their eyes with their hands, I get all ready, and then say 1..2..3!  Then everyone jerks their hands down and tries to force their eyes open for a half a second so I can catch the image.  Dad had been getting in trouble all day for wearing his sunglasses, so when everyone else was moaning in agony getting ready for the shot, he was lying there (where is wife couldn't see him) smiling great big and sporting his shades.  It made my day.  You can see how much fun this was by checking out the little man's face… the girls are just tough cookies!


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