Sneak Peek #3

Karsyn and family are the last of my sneak peeks from Marshall. I was warned by Mom before I arrived to not be offended or disappointed is we didn’t get any good photos of Karsyn. She’s the very shy three year old that I told you about a couple of weeks ago that had been on strike from professional photos for over two years. I (of course) took this session as a personal challenge and had a game plan before we ever started. Truth is… I don’t think I even needed a game plan, Karsyn and her little sister Kennedy were angels through the entire shoot. Heck, I’d rather shoot them over my own kid any day of the week! Here are a few of my favorites from a perfect Sunday afternoon…








  • Bree - OMG!!! Becca, your girls are so beautiful!

  • Becca - Karsyn did the best out of all of us!!! I keep telling everyone you just have some kind of magic! They are perfect, of course, thats why we called on you 🙂 Thank you so much, I love them all!!!

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