Snap Happy

It’s a picture extravaganza!  I was totally snap happy all weekend.  We went to Bloomfield (20 minutes south) yesterday so Otey could help break in some new steers and there were lots of little kids there.  As usual, my kid was the dirtiest.  He ate sidewalk chalk, licked the bubbles out of the pan, chewed on rocks, threw dirt clods, and splashed in mud puddles.  All in all, a pretty good day for Coop.


Dally definitely had 2nd place wrapped up in the dirty contest.  Her face is filthy in this picture, but I love that harsh light.


The next few pictures are of Briely (not sure if that’s how you spell it… BRY-LEE) and Brett.  OH MY GOSH were they fun to take pictures of.  They were so well behaved and such sweet little girls.  They played so good with each other and with all the little kids.  They are 5 and almost 3 and so stinking cute!  Just look at those pretty eyes and curls!




Don’t you just want to pinch their cute little cheeks?

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