…smell my feet

As in… trick or treat smell my feet, give me something good to eat. Really… wouldn't just "trick or treat" be a boring blog post title? So anyway, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I CAN NOT believe that my way fun two year old is all the way across the country trick-r-treating without me. I'm sure he's having a total blast with Otey's parents, but man… I wish I was there to see it. We are going to have Halloween again when I get home so that the two kids can be dressed up together (and because I can't stand that I missed it).

And on this Happy Halloween, I leave you with this.  No, the image has nothing to do with Halloween, except that it is of maybe the very best mother I know (excluding my own Mom) who has probably got her three little munchkins dressed up driving around in her soccer Mom mini-van trick-or-treating.  I GUARANTEE there are some homemade cupcakes or cookies with disgustingly perfect orange and black sprinkles sitting on her kitchen counter at this very second.  Gosh… I love her.


More on "her" in a post coming soon.

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