Slave driver!

My Mom and Dad are here in Iowa with Cooper and I until next week. They arrived Monday afternoon and it is sooooo nice to have them here. I said it’s going to feel like Saturday everyday this week… I can shower with out Cooper! Yippee!!! Speaking of Cooper, he has been a WILDMAN. Lots of yelling, animal sounds, and pretty much just showing off for Grandma and Grandpa. I have a big storage area in our basement that was the home office of the previous owners. It’s really nice and perfect for an office, it just so happens that all of my boxes (of mostly yard sale crud) have happened to accumulate there. Well… that all changed today… when the slave driver started cracking her whip. Right now my office is in the third bedroom upstairs that will soon have to be a nursery for the new baby… currently referred to as “what’s his name”. I am absolutely dreading packing up my very cute office and moving it downstairs. My Mom was quick to light a fire under my hiney today and remind me that she wouldn’t be back here until June to help me, and I for-sure wouldn’t feel like sorting through boxes at 8 months pregnant. Soo….. we did it. We dove in to boxes that have been packed up since we left Missouri right before Cooper was born (that right there should tell you how much I really needed the stuff). I told her that I would just trust her to handle it while I was in California this weekend… just sort out any photographs and trash the rest. She didn’t fall for it. I finally played the pregnant card after a few hours, but I’m sure she’ll be cracking the whip again tomorrow!
On another note… I am sooooo excited about the workshop I’m headed to on Friday. Not just because I hope to learn more then my tiny little brain could ever process, but I’m also just ready to enjoy some warmer weather! It’s going to be great to knock the winter dust off of my camera. Poor Cooper has got to be so sick of me following him around with it! I was working on an order this afternoon and these three sisters on a FREEZING winter day made me smile…


  • Mindee - Hey Kathy! Wow the pictures of the girls get better everytime I see them!! This one is one of my favorites!! Hope all is well!!

  • Terri - This is my new favorite picture. I like you a lot. Wish you were coming to the beach.

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