Six Months Old ***sigh***

I slimmed the blog back down to fit most of your screens (I hope).  If any of you are missing any of it, email or comment so I know.  The banner is supposed to be nine squares across.  I also updated all of my favorite links over there —–>

The McCloy clan is still in Arkansas.  It is seriously 100% humidity and 90*+.  Yuck!  Cooper and his friend Rylee (she’s six months older) went swimming yesterday.  Okay, maybe not swimming, but they splashed and played in her kiddy pool for a very long time.  My blood work is all screwed up.  I had to drive an hour to a lab in Monroe, Louisiana yesterday and have to be back there at 6am on Friday.  Hopefully we can get it all straight so I can keep going with the August cycle.  So far, it’s been too screwed up to add my second set up shots.

Cooper is turning into a little monkey.  He is climbing all over everything and getting smart enough to drag something over to stand on if he can’t reach whatever it is he’s climbing for.  Here he is exactly one year ago (six months old) at Abilene, Kansas…


  • laurie - he is soooooo cute!

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