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Way to go Matt! The little teaser photo from yesterday’s post in a shot of the “painted ladies”. For my generation, that equals those houses in the opening of the TV show Full House… you know… uncle Jesse, Uncle Joey, the Olson twins before they were old enough to buy starbucks and smoke? Those are the houses that first appeared during season four in the opening scene when they are in the park having a picnic. According to my Aunt Harriet who also commented, I guess they are also in a movie with Sally Fields and Robin Williams. I’m not that deep… I just know them from watching like 5000 episodes of Full House. I know, I’m a dork… but those were one of my two “must sees” in San Francisco! They even beat out a trolly. We got there so late in the afternoon that the light was stinky for a real wide angle of them straight on. Do you recognize them now?


My second must see was of course the Golden Gate Bridge. I have traveled all over the country but there are still a few HUGE touristy things I’ve yet to see. I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, the Golden Gate Bridge (until now), or seen the Hollywood Sign. I have drove with in a hour of all of them, but I just never made time to actually go and see them. I broke that trend this weekend. From now on I’m going to “stop and smell the roses”. Ha! That sounds ridiculous coming from me… huh? Please remember I am not a landscape photographer…


On a side note, did you know Alcatraz was in San Francisco? I’m sure I’m showing my blondness on this one… but for some reason I thought it was on the east coast. Here’s a little walk down memory lane for you 30ish folk out there…

  • Jeremi - I knew exactly where that was and what it was off of 🙂 Must be our age! (although, I’m sure I’m older than you…blah!) You thought thirty was bad…wait till next year! Can’t wait to hear about the workshop! Was it worth it?


  • mom - Personally I prefer the bridge picture. Both are great but the painted ladies hold no memories for me.

  • Dana Pugh - Your painted ladies pic is awesome…must have come from your deep down love!!! I have an awesome sun flare photo of you…gotta get it to you! So great to meet you…

  • aunt harriet/mom - the name of the movie that I could not remember is Mrs Doubtfire. It was filmed in the corner painted lady with the big turrent. Was a funny movie.

  • stormi - Nice walk down memory lane. but to be honest I did not remember the houses. I was always too focused on the people and not the surroundings. I am glad you had fun!

  • Laura - I can’t wait to show Lance tonight! HE LOVES FULL HOUSE! We have to DVR every episode and he knows most of them by heart!

    Glad to see you had a great time and I am sure you learned alot!

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