Scuba Pocket


For some reason, Cooper has always said “Pocket” instead of “Grandpa”. We really aren’t sure why, because he can say Grandpa plain as day. You know how most kids call their Grandparents by their title, and than their name? You know, like… Grandpa McCloy, or Grandpa John? Well, not Coop. He lovingly refers to his Grandpas as Cowboy Pocket and Scuba Pocket. Well, today is Scuba Pocket’s birthday (aka… my Dad).
I could sit here and type a mile long blog post about what a terrific Dad he is, or I could list the nine million things he has done for me in my life. But instead I will just tell you that 100% of the time, from the first moment I can remember to this very second, my Dad has ALWAYS put our family before everything else. It wasn’t until just the past few years that he actually started doing things that he wanted to do. That would be scuba diving and traveling all over the world to do it. He recently went and dove the Dead Sea in Egypt. Isn’t that crazy? My steel toe boot wearing, Carhartt sporting Dad, now lives most of his days in sandals and shorts. I tell him all of the time that he thinks he’s Jimmy Buffett. It’s just loads of fun to see him finally getting to enjoy things that are just for him.


I love you so much Dad.  Have a great birthday and soak up some of that Florida sunshine and heat for all of us stuck up here in the frozen tundra!

  • Henry - The points you’ve stated here are great.
    Very good piece of information.
    I appreciate your time & effort to make this happen.
    Keep this up! willing to read more updates in the future.

  • Heather Mears - I am sooo jealous that you have such awesome pictures of your kids with their grandparents! If only I could learn to use my camera at the calibur that you do, I would be set! (well, maybe)
    I thoroughly enjoy the random pics of your kids with their grandparents. It makes me miss my grandparents terribly!

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