Scream for no Reason

My husband has brought it to my attention that my handy little voting devise from Poll Daddy isn’t exactly working correctly and it will allow you to vote more then once from the same computer.  After checking on the Poll Daddy site, there is no way to correct the issue, so I’m just hoping that I have a bunch of honest blog readers out there who willingly followed the voting rules and only voted once!  It sure would stink for someone to suck all the fun out of my friendly little competition by cheating.  This contest has been so fun, I am already brainstorming for the subject of my next photo contest!  My goal is to double the number of entries next time.

Not a lot went on in our world today.  Multiple trips to Menards for oak boards, stain, a different stain, etc… we had to widen the hole that our refrigerator goes in by three inches.  That means a spacer and new crown molding to match the current kitchen cabinet stain… tricky… very tricky.  I should have just let Sherman Williams match it, but come on… that would have just been too easy!  Cooper is so stinkin’ funny these days.  Yesterday, totally out of the blue, he started putting one fist in the air and running around the house yelling like a super hero.  I laughed out loud all afternoon.  I’m sure our neighbors are laughing out loud now… watching Otey and I do it too.  I think I’m the only Mom in America that loves to hear her kid yell.  I love it when he runs around screaming for no reason (as long as there are no tears involved… screams of joy only).  In fact, sometimes we roll down the windows in the car and have yelling contests.  He gets so tickled when I yell with him, that he cracks up in the middle of it half the time.  I love it!  Here’s how I found him in bed the other morning.  He was in his room blabbering and when I went in to get him up, he was hopping up and down with one arm out the neck hole of his jammies, shaking his Monkey back and forth in his mouth growling like his dog Louie does with a toy in his mouth.  Yep.  Good Morning Cooper!

(photo shot in dark room,1600 ISO, 50mm 1.4 wide open, no flash… for all you photo geeks out there)


  • Heather - That look screams “HEY MOM, I’M YOUR PAYBACK!!!!”

  • Stormi - You are going to be in so much trouble when that boy gets older. Daddies worry about their little girls dating. Your little boy is going to have all the daddies locking their little girls in the closet!

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