Rylee Jo



This is sweet Rylee Jo (and her dog Snuffy).  She is 18 months and some change.  Pretty darn cute, huh?  She belongs to my friend Jolyn.  Jolyn and I went to college together and now she’s a college rodeo coach in Arkansas so I get to see her at every college rodeo.  Rylee and Cooper had so much fun playing outside this past weekend.

On a side note… for any of you out there with small children and a BIG wallet… check out this site www.moderntots.com  I LOVE IT!!!  Bad news is I only have one of the two things I listed above and it’s not a BIG wallet!

  • Stormi - I just want to thank you for posting pictures of Cooper like you do. I miss you guys (Otey and Louis included) But Cooper looks older everyday..yeah I know that is BECAUSE he is older every day. But he changes so quickly! Call me sometime chick! I lost your home number.

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