Rowdy & Emily

Talk about asking for it.
This CUTE little stinker’s name is Rowdy. How cute is that? And how cute is he?


Big sister Emily has her hands full.



Dr’s appointment went good this morning. Two pounds in two weeks… my biggest gain yet. Do you think it has anything to do with Ice-cream before lunch and the half a pound of bacon I can consume in one sitting? My doctor keeps telling me not to worry about it… it will all come off when the baby starts nursing. Obviously he’s been a skinny person his whole life. I’m not blessed with the “it will come right off” genes.

Thanks for all the feedback on the “day in the life” photo shoots. I’m going to work on the specifics and add it to the “value” section of soon.

  • Sue Lauber (Emily's Momma) - Kathy, yes too, I’ve been looking everyday, the pictures are beautiful. But today you made me cry, the pictures are so perfect of Emily and Dusty, you do show their true love for each other, and their personality. Thank You for such beautiful pics. Cant wait for the rest of them.

  • Kim - Sweet kids Kathy.
    I’m sure everyone is thinking the same thing….Rowdy McCloy??????? I like the sounds of it:)

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