****UPDATE ON #3!!!****

When all of you start arriving to work this morning I will have already been laying mouth open for thirty minutes partaking in a little root canal love. I decided I may as well make the best of a not so super fun situation… so how about a little giveaway?! Here’s the skinny…

FIVE ways to enter the contest. You can do just one, a couple, or all five… it’s up to you! EACH INDIVIDUAL HAS UP TO FIVE CHANCES TO WIN!!!

1. Leave a comment on this blog post. Simple as that. You can just say hi, or if you’re feeling wordy… let me know how you found me!

2. “Like” my Kathy McCloy Photography Facebook Page. That’s right people… if you’re already a “liker” you’re already entered once! Whooo-hooo

3. Copy and paste the following link on YOUR facebook wall and mention this contest!  Leave a comment on this blog post each day that you share the link (Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday)

4. Repeat number 3 on Thursday

5. Repeat number 3 on Friday

That’s it people! FIVE simple ways to enter!

There will be TWO winners chosen on Friday night at Midnight! EACH WINNER WILL RECEIVE TWO PRIZES!!!

1. A $100 print credit to Kathy McCloy Photography (transferable to any client, friend, or family member if you aren’t, or don’t plan to be a KMP customer)

2. A $25 VISA gift card that has absolutely nothing to do with anything. I guess it could help pay for floss and toothpaste so you don’t end up with your own root canal! 🙂

  • Becca King - Day #3!!!! Still checking in!!

  • Rebecca Malter - Glad to see you back on the blog. Those babies grow fast enjoy every moment!

  • Jessica Buchanan - It’s finally FRIDAY!! YAY!!

  • Lindsay Hunolt - Just checking in and its the last day!!!:)

  • Andrea Wyman - You are an amazing artist!!!

  • Katherine - great chance; thanks!

  • Tab - Can’t wait for the prize drawing!

  • Rusty Jones - Back again!

  • Lisa Jones - Checking in!

  • Krista Carter - When are we going to get you to come out to Kansas? Or even the tri-state area? Any chance you doing any rodeo remotely near??

  • Krista Carter - Okay… when are we gonna get you to Kansas…or even the tri-state area to take pictures??

  • Jessica Buchanan - It’s ALMOST friday!!!

  • Tennille Langdon - Thursday is connected to Friday

  • Lindsay Hunolt - Okay…. just to let you know that my BIRTHDAY is Saturday and wouldn’t one of those prizes be a great present?!?!?!?!…lol:)

  • Jennifer Olsen - Hope you don’t feel a thing and that you are able to go home and rest. Thinking about you. Tell Cooper I said hello.

  • Nichole Bonar - Your pics are great! Hope your mouth feels better…

  • Leah Robinson - You are my idol, well after God of course =) Would love to win 😉 I commented on this post, of course I’m already a FB fan, and shared the link on my face book page!!

  • Jen Schoenfeld - We need you to come to NW Kansas for a photo shoot!

  • Mindy Beurskens - I hope your feeling better today!

  • Sandy Zibell - Pick me Pick Me!

  • tabytha whisler - Hi, I found you on my cousins page and I’ve seen there family pictures and they were amazing… you do great at it 🙂

  • Rusty Jones - Hey


  • Tennille Langdon - Jess is the best

  • Tab - LOVE the pics you took of the McGraw family!

  • Jamie Fields - Looking forward to seeing you at the Hopper-Berti wedding in a couple weeks!!

  • Emily - Blogging 2 times this week… I’m impressed!!

  • katie - I found you at the Davis’ house

  • Emily - 2 times blogging this week…I’m impressed!!!

  • Shanna Bradbury - Hope it went well—would love for you to take our pics sometime, Kathy!

  • Angie Reusser - Good talking to you yesterday! Hope all goes well at the “teeth doctor” appointment!

  • Tiffany Thornton - Oh how we would love for you to come and take some more pictures of Miss Charlot!

  • Susan Hoffman - Hope you are coming back to Marshall in the fall, going on year number 3 of fabulous photos by KMP

  • Heather Francis - I miss you!!!!!!

  • Buffie - i want proof that you are up at midnight drawing

  • Lori Craig - How fun is this!?! I found you through my sweet friends Kari and Cindy! Can’t wait to get my family in front of your lens. 🙂

  • Becca King - Hi Kathy!! Would LOVE to have your amazing pictures again!!! By the way, loved your last blog post….that’s what being a Mommy is all about 🙂

  • Rachel Mayfield - You took our son’s newborn pictures,now he’s almost old enough for a set of family pictures.

  • Lindsay Hunolt - Hey Kathy!!! Love your work and can not wait for our next family session…hopefully sometime soon!!:)

  • Kristine - Your pictures are so creative!

  • Brittne Stultz - Kathy you have got to be the silliest person ( i like it !!!)

  • Michelle - Your pictures are great. Would love for you to take some of my family.

  • Jacqueline Archibald - Not sure if I could win, but I really enjoy your website 🙂

  • Jessica Buchanan - I’m a HUGE fan! 🙂

  • Ashley Lewis - 10 days away …..I hope the recovery goes well!

  • Christy Heying - Would LOVE to be a winner!! Can always use pictures from you.

  • Katie Shore - I could always use some more KMP pictures!

  • Aimee Klinge - We’re in the 3rd-ish year of our fantastic photographic relationship. You’ve seen me through a growing little girl, marriage, birth and now a growing little boy too! Can’t wait for our upcoming session!

  • Kara Heinzler - Hey Kathy! We are excited for our June photo shoot!! 🙂

  • Betsy - You know I love you. I also give great advice concerning major life decisions.

  • Jamie Pointer - You are doing my wedding photos on June 30, 2012, and my engagement photos in September!! I found your through many other individuals that have had you do amazing photos for them in the Marshall area. Your pictures are amazing, and your passion is awesome as well!!

  • Michelle Hollowell - You did my niece Casey Shaw’s senior pictures and I am so impressed! You do a wonderful job! As a matter of fact my brother and sister-in-law were so impressed they had you do thier family pictures! Keep up the great work!

  • Lisa Jones - Its a boy!

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