It’s official.  We’re on the market.  The realtor came and shot some pictures this morning (ironic, huh?) and was headed back to the office to put us online.  Here is our little house from the curb.  Let the record show, we did not choose that particular shade of blue, the house came with it.


CHECK OUT MY FLOWERS!  I potted (is that the right word?) four planters last night so that we can take them with us when we move.  Two of them are huge.


And here is the final grass update.  *sniff* *sniff*  Can you believe how big it is?  It seems like just yesterday it was tiny little grass seeds.  I tell you what… my thumb is now officially brown, not black.  Not green yet, but brown.


My little rockstar.  We’re going through a climbing stage.  He is climbing and standing on EVERYTHING.  I bet I say "Cooper, SIT!" about thirty times a day.  It’s a bad deal when your toddler doesn’t listen as good as your deaf dog!


  • Laura - I love his jeans!! Where did you get them??

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