REAL family photos

Decided to share one of my very favorite sessions of 2010.  Here are a few fun facts about this session…

1.  The family in this shoot are friends of mine.

2.  Erica (Mom) came straight from work… same clothes, same hair, same everything.

3.  Only “planning” put in to their clothes was Averi’s purple shirt.  She is a little girl you know.  She brought three out for me to pick from.

4. Laughter.  All the kids were running around like wild animals laughing and having a great time.  No one was being scolded, no one was told to “look at the camera and smile”.

5.  TRUST.  Compete TOTAL trust in me to do the job I was hired for.

With that being said… check back tomorrow for a blog post all about #5.  On to the images…

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