2. Do to the OVERWHELMING response to the previous Christmas Card post… here is the skinny. Those cards are single sheet card stock and do come with envelopes. You can get the envelopes preprinted with your return address for a small charge if you’d like. Any of the examples you see below are $65 for your first 25 cards and $55 for each additional set of 25 cards. They are only available in 25 count increments. Now, can we do a cheaper Christmas Card? If you are interested in a more economical route, I will offer a discount on multiple prints of the same 4×6 image (if you want to buy the kind of card you slide them in). The more you buy, the cheaper they get.

3. I LOVE Halloween trail mix. I don’t think that’s the official name, that’s just what Otey and I call it. You buy those little solid sugar candy corns (I prefer the kind that are white, orange, and brown over the yellow variety) and mix them with a bunch of salty roasted planters peanuts… yummmm. It gives me that same sweet and salt rush you get when you dip your Wendy’s french fry in your frosty… What? Doesn’t everyone do that?

4. I got some big news today in the form of a certified letter (I had to go sign for it at the post office like a real grown up). I have been chosen to work the Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo in Pocatello, Idaho in March. If you aren’t a rodeo person that means nothing to you. The DNCFR is kind of like a bowl game, but for rodeo. Anyway, it’s been on my goals list and I’m going to get to mark it off after the first of the year!

5. I love fall. It is my favorite season. The only thing I don’t enjoy about fall is the leaf maintanence. I mowed them today. Is that cheating?

6. I can’t wait to see the new Bee Movie. We’re going at 4:10 in Terre Haute on Saturday if anyone would like to join us.

7. I have been getting lots of emails lately asking about camera equipment and other photography related questions. Here is a tip for you… when you are taking a child’s photo, get down at their eye level. Don’t be lazy. Climb on a chair or lay on the floor for a better shot.

8. Lastly, a few more blips from the last session I finished editing and the one I’m working on now. Look at this sweet little crying face…


I love this shot. It’s one of my favorites from this session.


And sweet Bret and Briley shine again! Let’s see if I get all the “those are the two cutest little girls on the planet” emails like I did the last time they were on my blog.


And one more of Jordan to keep her Aunt pacified 🙂 I’ve been having all these word ideas swirling through my head… this seemed like the perfect image, AND the perfect girl.


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