Random Thoughts

Okay.  Somehow I have ticked off the uploading Gods and I can’t get any pictures to post.  So… I decided to post some random thoughts.

1. Slow/bad/moody internet connections really stress me out.

2. Gas pumps that shut off at $75 even though I have already given it my credit card… really, really, REALLY tick me off.  Let me elaborate on this one a little just because it is no unbelievably annoying.  You know how you slide your credit card in the gas pump and then it asks you if you want a receipt, and then you fill your car up and drive off?  Well for those of us with big tanks, those stinking pumps shut off at $75.00 and then you have to hang up the gas pump, wait for it to reset, and then start all over by re-sliding your card.  Did I mention how much that irks me?

3.  Here is a new website that I recently found.  Be sure and bookmark it.  It lists by state, and then by city, free wireless internet connections so you can always find one while you’re traveling… www.wififreespot.com

4.  You can get a computer font in your hand writing for just $9.  Click here to check it out… FONTIFIER

5.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this site.  As soon as all of my walls have a fresh coat of paint, I will be ordering… WONDERFUL GRAFFITI

6. I am soon going to be offering a new photo product.  They are custom canvases that can be made in any size.  For a sneak peak, click HERE

  • Shannon - That’s funny – I already have that Wonderful Graffiti bookmarked!! It is sooo cool. How neat are those canvases? I’ve never seen that before.

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