I have been trying to post pics of the Big Easter celebration for about an hour now.  The connection at my parents house is on the snail side of slow.  I’ll take my computer to town with me tomorrow and add the rest of them.  Cooper was an egg-hunting machine!  If there was a pro-tour for egg hunters, we’d be hitting it.  He carried his red furry Elmo basket around with him and loaded them up as fast as he could get his hands on them.  He didn’t want anyone else to touch his basket, and he darn sure didn’t want any help squeezing all of his loot in to it.  It was pretty stinkin cute.  He got lots of fun treats from everyone in my family.  Squirt guns, trucks, talking eggs, sand toys, snacks, a new cell phone that speaks three languages… you name it, we hunted it!  It was pretty chilly out, but I could have shot pictures of him wondering around with his cute Easter basket for hours.



We left Arkansas at 8:00 in the morning and arrived to Terre Haute 15 minutes late for the 4:30 Easter Egg Hunt (they waited on us… Cooper has good cousins).  I drove like a wild woman and we ate in the truck on the road.  My entire life seems to be like one of those Master Card commercials these days…

Cute Elmo Easter Basket… $11.95

Cheap Plastic Eggs and Goodies… $5.00

Driving out of your way 10 hours round-trip and four extra tanks of diesel…  $300.00

Your 14 month old running around with eggs and grinning for three hours straight… PRICELESS!

  • aunt harriet/mom - Loved the Easter pics, but it is now FRIDAY! All of you girls have fallen down on your job of keeping everyone informed this week!

  • Heather - Glad you made the effort. I feel like you do…one big round trip for a few hours…but, family’s worth it. It was great to see you – and Cooper! Hello to that phantom husband of yours!!!!

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