Just so you know… you all set a personal blog record for me on Monday wee hours of the morning/Tuesday blog hits.  From midnight Monday to Midnight Tuesday my blog had just shy of 1300 hits.  Now… I know that many of you continually checked back for baby updates… but holy crap!  My normal 300-400 hits a day are going to be a let down after that! Talk about feeling the love! 
Things are settling in around here.  My mom left this morning.  I can’t believe that she thinks she needs to go to work and see her other kid and grandchildren… how selfish of her.  Seriously… she’s only been at my house for a month, like they’ve even noticed shes gone.  I’m not even going to tell you how hormonal me handled her departure this morning.  Hello Funny Farm… send over a white jacket.
Cooper is doing great with Grady.  He’s a little heavy handed (picture Lennie petting the puppy in Of Mice and Men) but he really does like him already.  Here’s their first meeting at the hospital right after they exchanged “I’m your new brother presents”.


Grady got Cooper a Kangaroo (in his hand) with a baby in the pouch and Cooper gave Grady a Lion to sleep with.  It’s the same brand as Cooper’s Monkey that he’s had since he was three weeks old and can’t live with out.  And a few more of Grady from today.  I bet he dreams about my camera shutter clicking…. I just can’t get enough of him when he’s sleeping.  So peaceful… so quiet… Cooper reminds me all day long that these days of tiny baby don’t last long.



Sidenote… Tennessee Micah… I can’t find your email address to send you a thank you note, but I LOVE the baby gadget you sent me.  I’ve been using it every day since I got home from the hospital.  Email me!

  • Kim - Ok, I dont mean to brag here, but I think at least 800 of those hits were from me!!!!

  • Aimee - Cooper and Grady are both just the most handsome little men ever! We had to have a billy blanket when Kailyn was born too, they make cuddling a slight bit uncomfortable, but like you said, at least you’re at home! Good luck!

  • Kim - Gorgeous.

  • Heather Mears - I wish that my first at home photos of Olivia were as good as yours. Your kids are so lucky to have such a talented mom to capture their infancy and youth memories in great pictures!

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