It’s Sunday night 10:09 and I’m postless. That doesn’t happen to me often. Usually I sit down at the computer and all the clutter in my brain just leaps on to the key board for you to read the next morning. Not tonight. I’m postless.

My rodeo went good. We got home this afternoon. It was like 50* in Cape Girardeau yesterday, and it was exactly 1* when we got home today.

Only two more days until we find out what the baby is. Tuesday. Yippee!

Only three more days until I turn 30. OH!!! Okay, I’m not postless anymore (get comfy, this is going to be a long one). On Saturday I didn’t need to go to work until like 3:00, so we had all morning to kill. We went to the mall (there is fairly decent shopping in Cape Girardeau) so that Cooper could run around and play on the indoor kiddieland thing, and so Cooper’s Mama could get some makeup. I’m not usually a big foundation wearer… actually… I never wear it. But… I’m very pale, and just in the past few weeks I have developed this lovely red splotchy complexion due to my crazy pregnancy hormones (aka “the pregnancy mask”). I was lucky to avoid this whole red splotchy thing with Cooper. Anywho… I ventured in to Macy’s and looked for the makeup counter that had the least scariest counter lady. I had some basic requirements in mind… skip the scary lady who looks like she put her eyeliner on with a 3 inch paintbrush… skip the really old lady who looks like she has on no makeup… skip the little 18 year old girl who doesn’t need any make up… and there she was. My 45ish stylish makeup lady with just the right amount of makeup on and no other customers to wait on. Estee Lauder it was. Is that how you spell that? Anyway, I told the lady with the kind eyes and nice smile that I was nearly five months pregnant and my skin had went wacko the past few weeks and I needed something to even it out. She had me sit in the little chair (just as I thought she would)… gosh, she seems so nice, I like her… she kind of reminds me of my Mom… anyway, she asked me how old I was. I told her that I would be 30 on Wednesday. This is the point that things started downhill. See, she already had sucked me in with her kind smile and perfect hair and makeup, she had me pinned in her make-up devil lady chair… and then she said it. “Those changes you are seeing in your skin have nothing to do with your pregnancy… it’s because you are 30 years old”. What!?!!! Get up… run Kathy! It’s too late, I’m stuck… she is moisturizing me, smiling at me, and telling me I’m just old!!! Next thing you know she’s going to tell me this tummy is a beer belly catching up with me from college! Over the next twenty minutes she told me my skin was dehydrated… then gave me the visual of a raisin… “you know, a raisin is just a dehydrated grape, see how wrinkly it is”. She told me “you shouldn’t have tanned in high school… that has more to do with your blotchy skin then being pregnant does”. She told me “you can’t turn back the hands of time… it will only get worse from here”. She told me “you should never rub your face, once you reach 30, you should always just blot your face because when you rub it, you are moving things around permanently”. She also waited on about 8 other customers all at the same time and told me I was wrong when I told her it made my face feel greasy. “No it doesn’t… you just aren’t used to proper hydration”. Sooo…. what did I do? I left the counter with a $32 dollar bottle of foundation, and suicidal thoughts over my 30th birthday. Good news is, she had me so worked up about looking like a dehydrated raisin that I forgot I was all red and splotchy. I met Otey and Coop in the hallway of the mall and Otey said “is something wrong?” I calmly explained to him I’d need a few minutes before I could discuss it without crying. We hit a few stores, went out for a great lunch, and my new makeup ended up looking great that night. Next time I’m going to choose the really old lady with no makeup on. At least if she’s rude to me, I can sit there comfortably knowing that even if I have more wrinkles then her, she’s going to kick the bucket before I do.

  • Heather - Kathy…it IS all in the genes!! Our mom’s still look young – and though I see a wrinkles, I still get told I look like I’m in my 20’s (quit laughing!). Even generic lotion works!! Love ya and thanks for the laughs!!!!

  • Kari - Kathy, remember those kind of things are genetics. Look at how beautiful and young looking your mother is. Use some moisturizer and you’ll look just like her. Those ladies work on commission and she probably thought she’d sucker you into spending some money.

  • Mom - Just keep using the moisturizer. It does wonders. The extreme weather does have a great deal to do with the dryness. I have used moisturizer for years and years, heavier in the winter. Just keep slathering. is that a word? You have a lot of years ahead of you and the creams will hold the wrinkles at bay or at least slow them down. Happy day in Iowa. love mom

  • aunt harriet/mom - Oh, Kathy you are such a hoot! You are not “old”, what would that make your mother and me?? You are healthy and that is what counts! God made you a beautiful young woman so go with the sense of humor and the photographers eye he gave you. Slather some moisturizer on your face and be happy – the saleslady did not know you were from Iowa. HEY! Thats it – the dryness is from the wonderful Iowa winter!

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