Poop Tanks & A Redneck Hair Salon

My Dad's absolutely free slave labor… $0.00
Replacing an entire septic system while you are nine months pregnant… $5000
Peeing outside every thirty minutes… priceless.



Can you believe this is the scene in my yard right now?  That's right… we are currently replacing our ENTIRE septic system.  I say "we"… what I really mean is my Dad is replacing our entire septic system while I watch out the window.  I'm not sure how we ended up doing this RIGHT before I have the baby… during THE SINGLE MOST active time a bladder can ever have… but we are.  We were only without a potty for about half a day today, and we are temporarily hooked back up right now.  My Dad assures me this will only take a couple more days.  I am just focusing on the good parts… my Dad is saving us a TON of money doing the work himself, my Mom is here helping me around the house, and Cooper is having SO MUCH FUN with his Grandparents in town.
On a super fun note, my good friend slash hair stylist extraordinaire Erica surprised me tonight with a house call!  I live three hours from Marshall, Missouri where her salon is located so I wasn't going to be able to get back down there to have my white trash roots retouched hair done until at least the end of July.  Well THANK GOODNESS that my friend did not want poor little baby No Name to meet his Mother and older brother with bad hair, so she drove all the way here to hook Cooper and I up!  My Mom and Dad, Erica's Family, and our family all cooked out tonight eating like royalty on our patio and then had a little "redneck hair salon" complete with foils and mosquitoes.  I know I say this all of the time, but I am SOOOOOO blessed with great friends in my life.  What a wonderful surprise.  And because every thing relates to food with me these days, here's a shot of the strawberries we had for desert (I don't know who ate a few straight out of the strainer…. where did those stems come from).


  • Kendra V - Since we got to see the action on the poop tank what about that “High Maintenance” hair style that the famous Erica C. gave you. Gotta see a picture of that. We all wanna see that HOT Momma

  • Alexandra Frankel - LOL! Never a dull moment at the McCloy house! Keep it coming! You are just hilarious!

  • Nicole - Erica’s shop is right down the street from my house! if it’s Erica Coleman. Is it????

  • stormi - I have been without a fridge for almost 3 months but I think going without a toilet for a day and being pregnant at the same time would be torture. Tell Aunt Karen and Uncle John “Hello” I guess I now know where the skidster loader is located this week 😉

  • Jeremi Jackson - For REAL? We had to have ours pumped while I was gi-normous with Molly. ICK! Erica is so nice to you! I’m sure you’ll look gorgeous when you go in to push out Baby No Name…tomorrow 🙂 I hope.


  • Laura - You have such great parents!! Can’t wait for baby no-name to make his appearance!

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